Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction

Work on the Law of Attraction for you
Spirituality, in a sense, correlates to the term “Universal Law of Attraction”. It is no
wonder that the law of attraction is the basis of living in this earth.

Have you ever thought of something and expected the thing to happen by it? Alternatively, have you
ever expected the genie to understand your needs and bring for you the same? It would
have been a magical thing or too good a thing if such things happened in life.

However, to make such magical things happen in life, you cannot expect others to work for you. To
let the magic happen, you have to do the magic yourself.
Throughout the universe, there is an existence of Infinite Intelligence. This power of
Infinite Intelligence works to create something.

Thus, you can create a new thing by
accessing this power through your thoughts. It is the only way. Even if you do not realize
this fact, it does happen in the same way.

The conscious mind and the subconscious
mind plays simultaneously to access this Infinite Intelligence and create the new thing.
You wish to do something, think of it deeply and affirm yourself that you can do it and
the law will help you in achieving it.
This is the first law that works on the mind of people. After that, you start worrying that
the thoughts will not work out.

It is the negative thought that comes to your mind makes
the whole thing undone. This is because even if you have negative thoughts even for
once, the law will not work in your favor.
Therefore, if you want the access to the power of the Universal Law of Attraction, then
first you need to be clear of your thoughts.

That is, you have to be specific of your needs.
This should not be a vague specification, but a very accurate one. For instance, if your
need is a job, then be specific of the kind of job you want, which sector, which position,
what salary range and so on.

The more specific you are in your needs, the more you are
likely to get success with the law of spirituality.
After being specific, visualize your wanting and put it into action. Then, after you
achieve your wanting, it is the time to hold that achievement for long.

Therefore, to hold on that achievement, you have to appreciate yourself at least once a day. Finally yet
importantly, do not let the negative emotions come to your mind. Thus, you work
attaining spirituality with the law of attraction.


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