Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

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Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

  • Item Type: Flowers
  • Material: Silk, Plastic
  • Size: 35 cm / 13.78 inch
  • Color: Multi

Package Includes:

  • 10 x Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

Artificial Tulip Flower Set 10 Pcs

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Artificial Flowers

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Flower Bouquet









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97 Reviews For This Product

  1. 97

    by M***o

    Tulips are very cute, leaves like real soft, the size is slightly smaller than usual tulips, low, I really liked

  2. 97

    by N***a

    Small ones. I took from another store. Photo 2. Flower on the left side of the other seller.

  3. 97

    by Customer

    The store is not attentive, the goods sent without address, I had to pay customs 2 $ for the details, delivery 2 months. But tulips are generally not bad, there are nuances, holes on the leaves, petals fall off on 2 tulips, but okay, you can hide it in a bouquet that would be noticeable. If the seller agrees to compensate for the additional costs, I will order more

  4. 97

    by V***a

    Fast shipping. I liked it. Partially glued with super glue. Not critical.

  5. 97

    by V***v

    Quality is good for your money. They look very nice. I am pleased.

  6. 97

    by K***a

    This money is not worth it, the usual foam, it can be seen that not natural

  7. 97

    by Customer

    if you want to trim, there is a wire in the stem that prevents you from trimming it so you will need scissors for wires specifically.

  8. 97

    by O***n

    Looking forward to give this as an extra Sunday gift

  9. 97

    by B***v

    Received an order. Well packaged. Beautiful flowers. Fully corresponds to the description. Very satisfied. Many thanks to the store. 100 stars!!!

  10. 97

    by Customer

    great product!!! I like it so much!! thank you, will buy again probably.

  11. 97

    by T***t

    They are lovely. A couple were open (almost falling apart) but overall nice

  12. 97

    by O***a

    I ‘ve got some defective bouquets! The leaves are glued together, but the glue all showed up with yellow spots, on each bud-and on white and on pink it is well visible, so it is not possible to look. The leaves are glued as it has come, a lot of torn, a lot of damage in general and on leaves and on buds (the material is similar to fomiaran, but, but I opened a dispute, the store wanted to return only for one bouquet and then not the full cost, did not agree for a long time on each other’s terms, as a result, aliali For that, thank you.

  13. 97

    by H***y

    Charming, some puff נשרו… by adhesive is not strong In the picture there is a bunch of white with yellow corsage Blue

  14. 97

    by Customer

    Made of paralon, quickly tear. In general, the goods are cute

  15. 97

    by C***a

    Beautiful, like recently cut. Seeing them live and direct printing is 100 times better than seeing them in pictures

  16. 97

    by L***t

    Very pretty very good quality does not make false flowers. I’m delighted

  17. 97

    by Customer

    Beautiful as described. I thought a little bigger but beautiful

  18. 97

    by M***a

    Tha stem is long

  19. 97

    by A***r

    Tulips are very cool. To the touch even look like real, made of strange material, like something rubberized, but in a good way. The things 2 got not in full integrity, but it’s uncritical, you can stick and everything will be a class. Delivered on time, colors as in the photo, we ordered milk and blue

  20. 97

    by 2***r

    General view is good, but the quality is not very, the glue on the buds is visible.

  21. 97

    by Customer


  22. 97

    by M***k

    Cool flowers, how live they look 🙂

  23. 97

    by L***A

    Just a bomb) for such money Super and delivery less than 2 weeks

  24. 97

    by B***n

    Very cute good quality tulips, it takes very little to arrive 2 weeks I recommend the store

  25. 97

    by T***n

    It’s faulty take 3 flowers but with the amount spent shall suit quality

  26. 97

    by J***G

    came quickly and the flowers look really good, but the leaves don’t look natural, expected with the price though

  27. 97

    by R***v

    Beautiful Bouquet,Look natural. Several leaves fell off during transportation, it was expected. And so, quite a commodity appearance, there are no strong damages.

  28. 97

    by E***a

    As always beautiful, came quickly

  29. 97

    by R***z

    It is nice and seems good quality. You can see on the pic how it looks few minutes after arrival. I would probably buy again.

  30. 97

    by K***i

    Few flowers are damaged. Petals are broken. I ordered white along with this and those were pretty good. Packaging was good.

  31. 97

    by R***r

    Beautiful, there are shortcomings, but if you deploy, then full of delight. The buds are small.

  32. 97

    by G***z

    They are beautiful, they have arrived in Spain in 11 days, I have other tulips like this, in another color, the chapels of these, they are smaller, they come loose 1 in 1 .. the material is nice to the touch, a kind similar to Eva rubber, something more flexible, the colorful is very beautiful, I have not communicated with the store

  33. 97

    by U***r

    So beautiful. Thank you. had to order more. Excellent store

  34. 97

    by Customer

    They’re super pretty, they got to me fast and they’re not maltrated.

  35. 97

    by S***n

    Relatively small but beautiful. Rope just arriving folded in, no stand beautiful vase

  36. 97

    by Customer

    Has come pretty quickly. They are much more beautiful than in the photos. A pleasant surprise. Recommended item and store❗

  37. 97

    by E***H

    not perfect, but good enought

  38. 97

    by 6***r

    The flower itself is not large, some seem to fade, but this does not reduce its dignity. I like it

  39. 97

    by L***j

    Atrodo neblogai, Kaip visada Lapai nuplėšti, įpakuoti į celofaną, gėda

  40. 97

    by G***e

    They’re like Foami but the truth looks very real, better than I expected, and I come very fast.

  41. 97

    by D***M

    Excellent quality looks like real tulips, didn’t arrive bent out of shape like most fake flowers do. Ordered a few more to complete the bouquet

  42. 97

    by O***y

    The same picture, it is very beautiful, but some of them arrived damaged and have color, But I think it’s from shipping

  43. 97

    by А***а

    Cool! Juicy, bright! But there is. Damaged. I think because of the fact that just packed in a bag. I think I can fix it. Bouquet 30 PCs

  44. 97

    by S***n

    Cute, about 30 cm

  45. 97

    by L***k

    Better than it could be. One of my best shopping

  46. 97

    by M***B

    They are beautiful and very natural. I recommend. I’ll buy more. No communication with store

  47. 97

    by N***Y

    To St. Petersburg in 10 days. Pleasant to the touch and very similar to living. Minus for the poor workmanship, traces of white glue are visible, in places add-ons and unglue. Last year the quality of products was better.

  48. 97

    by A***o

    I liked it but I need more tulips to complete the vase☺️ Some came damaged but it is not relevant

  49. 97

    by Customer

    They look pretty realistic. This is a fabric like gummy, neoprene type. In some areas, especially in the leaves, you see more artificial and silicone gluing, but generally I am very satisfied and they are very pretty. I remove a star from the wrapper, they should bring more protection, because one of the leaves came broken.

  50. 97

    by 5***r

    Good flowers only wishes to the store. Do not need to bend the stems when packing to spoil the flowers do not you pick up the package

  51. 97

    by A***z

    perfect, they look really realistic and are so cute

  52. 97

    by M***E

    Some leaves were taken off unfortunately, but the bouquet is very nice.

  53. 97

    by I***l

    The package came very well packed, and the flowers are very nice, some were open, but I can close them with some glue, they’re like a sponge material, the bad thing is they have a very strong smell of plastic, they arrived very fast, didn’t take a month!, I’ll buy again with this shop!

  54. 97

    by O***o

    Very cute and realistic looking, shipping took a long time though

  55. 97

    by Customer

    Part מהפרחים arrived disassembled/not glued holders header (מצורפות Pictures) But quality flowers והניראות em מצויינים. ניראה genuine

  56. 97

    by L***r

    I got mistreated (not all). But the others are beautiful

  57. 97

    by T***a

    Beautiful flowers, but two were damaged, you have to glue them. Seller recommend

  58. 97

    by 1***r

    Tulips are cute, just thought that the buds would be slightly larger. Delivery delayed for two weeks.

  59. 97

    by Customer

    VERY POOR QUALITY but looks alright

  60. 97

    by M***r

    For the price it’s okay. The material is soft foam. Some leaves are falling, I have to fix them. I wish the store didn’t bent the flower. It’s a little difficult to make them straight.

  61. 97

    by K***r

    Not like a real flower nothing but rubber.

  62. 97

    by Customer

    As described. Do have a bit of a smell. Made of a sponge like material.

  63. 97

    by Customer

    Very nice tulips, we could believe that they are real

  64. 97

    by M***e

    They are pimples are eva rubber and they look natural I will buy more without hesitation

  65. 97

    by A***i

    Thank you

  66. 97

    by F***m

    better for the price..

  67. 97

    by L***a

    Flowers look like real ones. They have cool material, well imitating realism. On some leaves at the base there are small cracks, but it is not critical. One Tulip has part of the petals inclined. Colors are pleasant and natural.

  68. 97

    by N***a

    I thought that a little more (!!!! Very very beautiful

  69. 97

    by N***t

    very much

  70. 97

    by Customer

    I love the flowers. Glad that I ordered them.

  71. 97

    by A***M

    They are great, I already ordered them twice and they are super pretty, they look real and have very good value, I recommend them!

  72. 97

    by N***r

    Looks so real and so pretty but smelled bad but I just sprayed with perfume

  73. 97

    by Н***Ч

    The order arrived in Belarus in 18 days. Three weeks ahead of schedule. About the color itself-for such a price you should not expect magic. (The flowers did not come crumpled, but the leaves on two legs had to be glued, and the petals on one bud too. There are yellow spots on the flowers, but not very striking. The smell of glue is terrible, I hope it will disappear. And so it’s not a bad bunch. I’ll order another one.

  74. 97

    by C***a

    it’s okay. one of the heads fell off and plasticy, but if you are taking a photo far away they look realistic

  75. 97

    by Customer

    In general, the flowers liked the beautiful. Unfortunately 3 flowers were of poor quality.

  76. 97

    by M***w

    Tulips are excellent, but one of them came broken. Returned the amount for one Tulip, the store immediately confirmed. Thank you very much

  77. 97

    by L***l

    I liked the flowers very much, they look like living in a vase. The flowers themselves are small, I thought they were larger, but that makes them no less cute. I will order more

  78. 97

    by Customer

    Beautiful, look like Vivid

  79. 97

    by Customer


  80. 97

    by A***s

    Very beautiful, the bouquet is beautiful, meets the whole description of the store, they look very natural, they come a little tight by transport, but it’s solvable, I loved them! Seller fully recommended, shipping arrived very fast, 7 days to Santiago de Chile.

  81. 97

    by V***a

    They’re small, but they’re muyyyy muyyyy beautiful. Be amazed, the material is amazing and look real

  82. 97

    by Customer

    very fast shipping.Thank u store.

  83. 97

    by D***o

    Great product fast shipping

  84. 97

    by Customer

    This is very nice and beautiful, it is exceeded my expectations, very quality product. I recommend the store

  85. 97

    by S***a

    Very small.

  86. 97

    by C***o

    They came very fast, the truth is they give enough the punch, I don’t put 5 on them because some leaves were down. I ordered the White and the M

  87. 97

    by Customer

    Very nice

  88. 97

    by Customer

    Delicate bouquet, look like live. But there are defects on some of the bud. A little upset. Did not communicate with the store. The order arrived 6 days later than the announced

  89. 97

    by L***I

    Beautiful flexible flower the soft es material

  90. 97

    by N***a

    I took a set for pink

  91. 97

    by C***o

    Very nice and they ‘ve arrived in two weeks, great

  92. 97

    by M***h

    Really pretty and good quality!

  93. 97

    by J***j

    Dear Seller! Akizni I duzni kvichi! Please be close!

  94. 97

    by T***r

    Super recommended, texture and color look super natural, material is thick and very good. They are truly beautiful, I ordered 5 bouquets of which two bouquets brought a broken flower. I still loved them!

  95. 97

    by 2***r

    Out of 10 came 3 with marriage :(, very insulting. Although I order a second time and was sure that everything will come in order

  96. 97

    by U***r

    These flowers are lovely and fairly realistic feeling and looking. However, these are short stems and I prefer long but they would be okay in the right container!

  97. 97

    by R***r

    They look okay, not for what I wanted them for but okay. I was expecting them to look real more real like. They give me a white foam that goes in boxes up close not awful just not expectable for what I’m trying to decorate

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