Blue Glass Candle


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Blue Glass Candle

Burn our 7 Day Plain Blue candle for peace, wisdom and success in court and legal matters. Measures 2 1/2″ Wide and 8 1/4″ Tall. This candle will burn approximately 140 hours.

Made from a primary spiritual color, blue candles are used in the examination of emotions (Saturn energy) and the attainment of calming wisdom and healing sleep. The meanings behind the color blue are loyalty, truth, expression, creativity, and harmony.

The color blue is associated with the fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra. This chakra is located in the throat and is related to communication and self-expression. When the throat chakra is balanced, we feel confident and able to communicate effectively. When it is out of balance, we may have difficulty expressing ourselves or may feel like we are not being heard.

Burning a blue candle can influence dreams and emotions and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations.

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