High John the Conqueror Root Spell


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High John the Conqueror Root Spell

High John the Conqueror Root Spell is a “must have” for all.

The spirit of High John supports the properties of success, luck, strength, and it also helps to overcome obstacles. “He” is a powerful addition to rituals that offers a boost of “extra”.

High John (the person) is believed to be the captured son of an African King. As a slave he was an inspiration to other slaves because he was never subservient. He was exceptionally skilled at making a fool of his owner. His reputation was so great that, the folklorist Harry Middleton Hyatt indicates merely reciting the words “John over John” is a powerful spell for magickal protection against being “hoodooed”!

Here are two additional simple and powerful ways to use High John:

The easiest way to reap the benefits of High John is to carry it on you. When you carried, you’ll never be short of luck in love or money. (Gamblers have often carried it to boost their luck.

High John Success Ritual

High John works with Jupiter.

For this reason, Thursdays are good days to work your “success magic”.

  1.  Anoint a yellow candle with Money Drawing oil.
  2. Light the candle.
  3. As the candle burns, hold the High John root in your dominant hand and visualize it filling with a soft golden light.
  4. Picture yourself with your desired outcome.
  5. Feel the feeling of success of having manifested your goal.
  6. Know that no matter what obstacles you face, you are able to overcome them. When you are confident that the root has absorbed as much power as it can, anoint it with some of the Crown of Success oil and snuff the candle.
  7. This spell is also great for winning court cases.
  8. Be sure to carry the root with you. It is a perfect herb to include in your Mojo bag, too.

Tip:  Have us repeat the ritual regularly to ensure that the root stays charged and potent.


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    kinda skeptical at first, but got it anyways, and im very greatful that i did get this. This is something that works pretty well. Take my word for it. Great Saint to work with!

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