Lucky Mojo Bag


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Luck Mojo Bag (Brujeria Resguardo) to attract luck, love and money in any aspect of your life.

Lucky Mojo Bag

Use this Blessed Lucky Mojo Bag (Brujeria Resguardo) to attract luck, love and money in any aspect of your life.

Each bag is full and carries a carefully selected blend of some herbs, oils and other sacred items that resonate with the energy they are intended for and that will help you with the situation you need to accomplish or overcome.

Each pouch has been prepared, energized, and blessed by our resident Santero/Hector.

When you receive your Bag(pouch)close your eyes and hold it in both hands so that it will absorb your energy. This is very important! Once you hold the bag in your hands for 1-2 minutes, it is also important to carry it with you in your pocket until evening, then put it under your pillow over night to activate it further.

Last but not least, once you have activated your lucky mojo bag, carry your bag with you everywhere and watch how fast good things happen for you. Please allow your new positive luck/changes to happen, don’t expect it to just happen because you just got the bag. Your bag will have to be activated first by you and will also come in a Ziplock bag. When not in use, or not on you, always keep in Ziplock bag, so that it doesn’t get dirty or collect other people’s negative energies/spirits.

Resident Hector says, by opening the Lucky Mojo Bag, you will cancel out the luck.

Good Luck and Best Wishes your way!

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