Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

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Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

  • Item Type: USB Cable
  • Length: 1 m / 39.37 inch, 2 m / 78.74 inch
  • Output: 5V/2.4A

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Pc

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro / Type C Cable

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99 Reviews For This Product

  1. 99

    by M***v

    All as described. The end of the magnet wire is illuminated in blue when the cable is connected to power. Magnet clings well, contact stable. I took it for the hearing aid so that it was convenient to connect the power.

  2. 99

    by D***n

    Excellent cable, with backlight and magnetic connector, I took it especially for charging phones in the car, especially in the dark it is convenient that the edge of the cable is illuminated, took the phone off the charge, talked, put it back! I’m not the first to buy!!!

  3. 99

    by S***y

    The order reached 30 days. Arrived in good condition.

  4. 99

    by A***v

    The quality of the wire is good, but it charges oooochen slowly. Approximately 1% 10 min, even with fast charging.

  5. 99

    by R***r

    Excellent wire, I order not for the first time, all relatives use them. It is convenient both at home and in the car. The PIPA in the nest sits tightly, does not bulge, does not interfere. If you touch the wire and it became attached and the exercises went. The main thing is that the phone’s nest does not shake. The very first wire served for 2 years. For the price is great. I recommend it to everyone! Alone, this time I ordered 2 at the same time, but for some reason they go in different parcels. Black came to Sakhalin in less than a month, gold on the way…

  6. 99

    by I***v

    The product is super. Came quickly in half a month to the Tatarstan, the store 5 points, respect and respect.

  7. 99

    by M***v

    The product came in good and good quality. the store works perfectly well

  8. 99

    by N***n

    Quickly shipped, quickly delivered. Glows when it’s on. It is not as convenient as wires with a swivel end, the tip will always apply to stay in the device, but it can be seen and on the photo everything. The tip can be used as dust protection and not pull out from the device = D

  9. 99

    by 1***r

    The ring-magnet on the answer part of the phone fell off and remains on the cable when blurring.

  10. 99

    by V***V

    All OK… charges

  11. 99

    by R***n

    Everything is fine! Order came quickly! Packed good!

  12. 99

    by I***k

    Product good nylali schvidko recommend

  13. 99

    by Customer

    I have bought many cables from this brand and they are of very good quality, the only problem is shipping which is very, very slow.

  14. 99

    by V***a

    17 days delivery. The cable charges, slower than the cable from the kit from the phone.

  15. 99

    by R***g

    I do not know, but it works badly, charging is long, it works badly, it charges with breaks, the first time so, earlier wrote out, it was all good.

  16. 99

    by А***r

    Good quality. The phone sits tightly. It doesn’t fall out. Description corresponds.

  17. 99

    by J***o

    I order not for the first time. It’s okay.

  18. 99

    by A***v

    Everything is fine, cables are working

  19. 99

    by G***r

    it works just fine good packaging

  20. 99

    by M***v

    Everything is as described and came very quickly. Seller all advise

  21. 99

    by A***r

    Works, pretty soft.

  22. 99

    by Customer

    This is not the first time I order such wires, it is very convenient both at home and in the car. Does not loosen the nest by the endless twitch of the wire. The PIPA in the phone sits tightly, does not bulge or interfere, even with a case. The very first such wire lasted about 2 years. Delivery to Sakhalin about two months. Only this time somehow strange: I ordered two at the same time, one came a month ago.

  23. 99

    by O***n

    The store is good! Recommend! The goods came quickly.

  24. 99

    by K***v

    Cords like cords. Expected quality, expected result. Not top, but very worthy product.

  25. 99

    by S***u

    It is very convenient, everything is quick, order everything who can, Hurray!!!

  26. 99

    by R***e

    A good cable, I use this for a year and a half.

  27. 99

    by O***a

    Everything came

  28. 99

    by I***a

    Micro USB is bad for the phone, charging does not go. Before that I ordered, everything was good. Very convenient charging.

  29. 99

    by T***i

    Thank you.

  30. 99

    by A***V

    Excellent cables, not for the first time.

  31. 99

    by S***y

    Not always magnetic connector is even. There is not a big Bevel and the cable does not hold well. The magnet itself is not strong, can easily disconnect. Fast charging no.

  32. 99

    by E***a

    Received ahead of time. It’s like in the description. That the magnet holds as in the video is not true, but they work very well.

  33. 99

    by I***r

    I liked the cable, if I do not like something, I will add a review.

  34. 99

    by M***S

    Not a bad cable for charging. However, the length is not 1 meter a 95 cm. Deception. Even with the plug there is no 1 meter.

  35. 99

    by A***a

    thank you

  36. 99

    by N***a

    Shipping and fast. Excellent quality. Was packed in beautiful packaging-you can for a gift. I recommend it.

  37. 99

    by G***e

    Hello for what came all kind of smoothly. Seller respect can be ordered.

  38. 99

    by L***n

    Working. charging is slow. enough for about 6-8 months.

  39. 99

    by Y***a

    The cable quality is decent, it works. Fast delivery. Recommend!

  40. 99

    by Customer

    Perfect, for under 30% a euro I’m 100% satisfied. Arrived in 11 days, I’m happy. Congratulating on the store’s due course.

  41. 99

    by Customer

    Ordered two USB cables. Arrived in Belarus within 20 days. Charging works well. Let’s see how they work over time.

  42. 99

    by Customer

    Why I received the application

  43. 99

    by 9***r

    Everything is fine! Fast delivery, 4 days earlier than expected time. The cable is reliable, everything works for the store and I recommend it!

  44. 99

    by A***n

    The lace is normal, you can take it. Naturally, because He with two contacts, then he does not know how to transmit data and quickly charge, take into account when buying. And so, very convenient in the car at long distances. To talk on the phone, I just unbutton the magnet, and then for charging it is not necessary to look on the move as and where to pull the charging connector, the magnet itself itself itself

  45. 99

    by E***h

    Packed reliably. The order came before the expected time.

  46. 99

    by K***t

    Delivery in 20 days, packed perfectly in pupyrku, I recommend.

  47. 99

    by S***a

    Everything is fine

  48. 99

    by Y***n

    Ordered 3 cords, 2 micro USB and one pack with, and sent all Micro USB

  49. 99

    by U***r

    I recommend it

  50. 99

    by 8***r

    Cool One

  51. 99

    by 1***r

    Cables arrived with a significant delay, almost two weeks late in delivery. There are no questions on the cable itself. Four cables, seven connectors-everything works.

  52. 99

    by I***u

    Fast delivery, everything works, I recommend a producer.

  53. 99

    by Customer

    We took for 75,08 rubles. Its function performs. I came to the national team.

  54. 99

    by A***r

    Everything is fine! The order came normal, what I ordered! The quality is excellent! Seller recommend!

  55. 99

    by Д***в

    Delivery is very fast! The lace charges 0.7-0.8a, but the phone writes-“fast charging” The magnet holds a weak-tilt phone and it has already gone. A couple of times was, charged up to about 90 percent and stopped charging. There was no such thing on the usual laces. Dongle in the phone is inserted very tightly.

  56. 99

    by P***r

    Good quality only one but, when connecting to a computer pairing there are no files to transfer or accept the opportunities is simply charging the phone. Delivery can be said instant to Ingushetia gialgiai mohk order came in 35 days, thanks to the store for the quality of the goods, thanks to the company for the fast delivery delivery delivery

  57. 99

    by A***n

    Constantly buy from this store, satisfied with everything! Thank you very much to the seller!

  58. 99

    by W***w

    It works normally ordered 11.22 arrived 21.12.22

  59. 99

    by I***v

    Micro USB cable does not work, charging does not work

  60. 99

    by 2***r

    Everything works, arrived in the national parcel ahead of time, charging slowly.

  61. 99

    by К***н

    Quality plugs, I take not the first time, I advise

  62. 99

    by R***r

    Not the first order already, all work, only this contact pad inside without a spring came with a defect, but it works

  63. 99

    by J***u

    I have already ordered several for me and Recently my husband and my son adopted it too so I replenish. More Cable that damages but be careful to check that the magnet of the plug on the cable is not magnet metal individuals otherwise it makes a false contact and grid the tip on the phone

  64. 99

    by A***s

    I adore these magnets, although not very durable, however, all the cables fail with time, and these are very comfortable and repairable if you can solder.

  65. 99

    by 9***r

    Everything came well as indicated

  66. 99

    by I***n

    Great, cheap & long wire. It’s my second order. I saticfied)

  67. 99

    by V***a

    Delivery 27 days. The cable charges slower than the usual from the kit from the phone.

  68. 99

    by S***v

    Good value for money.

  69. 99

    by C***g

    Good. Okey. Charging well.

  70. 99

    by G***m

    Did not think it was so inconvenient to use with a magnetic tip))) The goods have arrived, all the Bumbon Chiki. Charges. Braided Cord, safe Meat with pureed in the canteen today

  71. 99

    by R***r

    Works fine

  72. 99

    by M***o

    I arrive fast and well packed, tested and working

  73. 99

    by P***N

    Delivery to Krasnoyarsk in a week, taking into account the fact that the New Year holidays, super, I am shocked, at first I did not believe that the parcel arrived so quickly, the store is great, I will save it, I will order it again.

  74. 99

    by A***n

    Works perfectly, though Type-C is apparently not short-circuited somewhere, Samsung swears that charging will be slow, but not scary, I have others, you can’t please everyone, everyone has different resistances

  75. 99

    by D***C

    Works perfectly to recharge my ps4 controller

  76. 99

    by G***r

    The wire came in working condition. I order for the umpteenth time, sometimes I come across working with interruptions, but this time everything seems to be fine.

  77. 99

    by S***r

    It works at 100 good product and arrived in good condition

  78. 99

    by V***Z

    I take not the first time, it breaks somewhere the wires and stops working, in general the goods are good.

  79. 99

    by P***e

    The store is reliable, it is not the first time I buy from him, everything was always clear and without deception, I recommend everyone

  80. 99

    by O***r

    Great cable! I order for the umpteenth time, the first is still working!

  81. 99

    by K***r


  82. 99

    by S***o

    The cable is normal. 4 points only for the fact that the magnet is weak…

  83. 99

    by R***v

    Sent quickly-it came quickly-the goods and the store is satisfied-I recommend

  84. 99

    by Customer

    Excellent, convenient goods, thank you

  85. 99

    by V***v


  86. 99

    by G***R

    Normal magnet. To play with the blue color. I recommend it. Came the place

  87. 99

    by T***h

    Concrete cord! Everything is clear! We have a similar 499r in Krasnodar

  88. 99

    by K***r

    As always an excellent product, I already nodded my colleagues with these cords

  89. 99

    by 8***r

    Well fast

  90. 99

    by V***r

    It’s OK but fast charging does not support. Is OK.

  91. 99

    by D***n

    It works, it’s fine

  92. 99

    by 9***r

    I like it, well packed, I will order again.

  93. 99

    by G***a

    Thank you very much for the beautiful product and delivery. Came ahead of schedule. Everything works. I will definitely order here again

  94. 99

    by S***v

    The cable is soft enough. Magnet holds well. The most important is convenience in use.

  95. 99

    by M***a

    All OK. Supports fast charging.

  96. 99

    by N***a

    Thank you, it’s as described. Very fast delivery.

  97. 99

    by A***U

    Everything is super!

  98. 99

    by V***v

    Good quality charging

  99. 99

    by M***t

    Hello, the product corresponds to the description, I recommend.