Natural Sandalwood Sticks Incense

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Natural Sandalwood Sticks Incense
Sandalwood Sticks Wild Harvested High Resin Smudging Sticks, Perfect Smudge Stick for Mediation Yoga or Prayer, All Natural Light Scented Sandalwood Sticks

Natural and soothing aroma helps you get rid off negativity. Release your anxiety, resentment -and stress during work and daily life.
Applicable for living room, office, meditation room, yoga studio, rituals, special -occasions, etc.
– The incense works perfect in soothing spirit and purifying the air. Natural and soothing aroma helps you get rid of negativity and bad spirits, bringing positive- energy to you and for your health.
Sticks vary in size and weight, average 6.5 cm long
Adopts premium natural sandalwood harvested from naturally fallen branches, the sweet, -woody aroma of sandalwood elevates any setting they are burned in.


1 Bag x Natural Sandalwood Wood Incense Sticks

Notice: This is 20g ,50g or 100g Sandalwood Wood Incense Sticks.

Additional information

Wood Type


Regional Feature

Chinese Incense



Simple Package for Private Use

Application Scene

Living Room

Model Number

Sandalwood Sticks






Stick Incense




Mainland China

Incense Stick

Sandalwood Sticks


Fragrance Sandal Wood

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98 Reviews For This Product

  1. 98

    by M***m

    They smell so good, I am really happy for the quality

  2. 98

    by M***m

    Very good and smells good

  3. 98

    by E***c

    Perfect, smells great

  4. 98

    by M***v

    Everything is very good . Thank you

  5. 98

    by G***s

    Hello today I received my order very satisfied. Thank you

  6. 98

    by B***r

    Without interest

  7. 98

    by J***r

    It does not smell very good, but it seems to be sweet.

  8. 98

    by J***A

    Quick delivery. Thank you.

  9. 98

    by T***o

    Excellent aroma very good quality

  10. 98

    by Customer

    Arrived on time, very good.

  11. 98

    by A***Q

    Just go to your backyard and grab some broken pieces of wood. That’s basically what you get. Awful burned wood smell; if you are into that, then buy it. If you are here for a pleasant aroma, then look somewhere else. Good packaging and shipping speed. Thanks

  12. 98

    by C***y

    burns a little weird, have to keep lighting it but it smells great

  13. 98

    by P***z

    They almost don’t smell

  14. 98

    by M***r

    No less smell, what’s the point?

  15. 98

    by 3***r

    As described.

  16. 98

    by F***l

    And how to use them is not clear. They don’t burn and they don’t smell at all

  17. 98

    by R***r

    no huele

  18. 98

    by A***s

    Doesn’t smell like sandalwood.

  19. 98

    by Customer

    Wood is a bad kind.

  20. 98

    by F***r

    Not able to burn very easy

  21. 98

    by P***a

    Just like Paulo Santo, it’s not worth it because they erase super fast. Does not serve as incense because they do not take long. I ‘d have to make a fire. Money thrown away.

  22. 98

    by J***A


  23. 98

    by Customer

    Incredibly difficult to burn, and leaves virtually no smoke at all. Quite disappointing.

  24. 98

    by Customer

    Good product

  25. 98

    by P***e

    It seems absolutely nothing it absolutely does not burn it literally serves no use

  26. 98

    by I***a

    Excellent, I’m satisfied! So quickly they came to me!

  27. 98

    by L***a

    Burn badly

  28. 98

    by Customer

    This is my second time to order it , the first ordef was good the second time was just a regular or normal wood but not sandal wood …

  29. 98

    by T***s

    Item as described did not communicate with store

  30. 98

    by J***r

    Thank you.

  31. 98

    by V***a

    the sandals can’t burn like incense

  32. 98

    by E***r

    Well received but very late

  33. 98

    by E***z

    Is not palo santo…

  34. 98

    by D***W

    Standard sticks, the smell resembles a bathhouse with kebabs

  35. 98

    by J***r

    Do not light and without any aroma

  36. 98

    by Customer


  37. 98

    by A***n

    Good bag and durable .. I have no images

  38. 98

    by M***z

    Olor Rico

  39. 98

    by M***s

    Very small chopsticks

  40. 98

    by F***f

    without any smell, even when you it. package is in size of your fist

  41. 98

    by C***a

    not sure

  42. 98

    by M***t

    All well equal to the description

  43. 98

    by Q***i

    It smells so far I haven’t used it yet.

  44. 98

    by P***r

    Sorry I don’t want to burn, Qby… Extinguished immediately after odpaleniu

  45. 98

    by C***z

    They are not worth anything, they are the size of the matches, it turns off in seconds, the only thing smells good but lighting at all times

  46. 98

    by L***r

    Product pršiel OK♥️

  47. 98

    by D***l

    The product arrived to my surprise within 3 weeks of ordering, The products came well wrapped and whole Highly recommend this store, Thank you !

  48. 98

    by R***z

    ok thanks

  49. 98

    by Á***m

    They are bad they don’t burn they go out super fast and they don’t smell like anything

  50. 98

    by S***s

    Sandalwood sans parfum

  51. 98

    by Customer

    It doesn’t smell like sandalwood, when burned smells like chemicals, also small and doesn’t look like sandalwood

  52. 98

    by Customer

    I did not reach the product Too late. I’m still waiting.

  53. 98

    by M***r

    It’s wood. Not a sandal. No smell. Cheated.

  54. 98

    by M***t

    not as good smoke, just like a normal wood, just it is colored maybe i dont think it is sandalwood

  55. 98

    by B***n

    No continuing להדלק Should any time light re

  56. 98

    by F***p

    Super I’m very happy I highly recommend the product

  57. 98

    by G***e

    Small bag but ok

  58. 98

    by A***r

    It’s not exactly what I expected

  59. 98

    by N***r

    Smells very nice. Happy with the purchase.

  60. 98

    by B***o


  61. 98

    by N***i

    They are very small is a bag that n Enters the palm of the hand

  62. 98

    by L***o

    They’re not as smolky as I expected. If they are well chopped in case you want to grind, but I really expected a little more the

  63. 98

    by A***C

    ❗️❗️❗️❗️SCAM!!! Total fake. You have been warned. This store just selling plain wood as Sandal wood. Don’t waste your money.

  64. 98

    by Customer

    Sticks were very dry, no sandalwood smell at all

  65. 98

    by Customer

    The product is less than 100grams. Three stars

  66. 98

    by Customer

    no real odor

  67. 98

    by L***l


  68. 98

    by K***s

    Great sandalwood sticks!

  69. 98

    by J***n

    Everything Ok.

  70. 98

    by T***é

    Nil Nil Nil nothing to do with PALO SANTO sticks!

  71. 98

    by Customer

    Turn off very fast

  72. 98

    by P***s

    This is not sandalwood, it is just soaked in some oil. I’m not satisfied at all, it’s a lie!

  73. 98

    by J***o

    Nothing to do with the sale photo, super skinny sticks and no smell of sandalwood

  74. 98

    by M***a

    It smells so good trough bag!

  75. 98

    by S***s

    The sachet brings a lot of wands, but when burning them it does not smell like sandalwood

  76. 98

    by T***i

    Small little pieces

  77. 98

    by D***i

    Barely lit, 2 seconds of smoke, it turns a little red, then turns off…

  78. 98

    by O***a

    It was very good for me. I am very happy. Thank you. I forgot to take a photo when it arrived but I am very satisfied.

  79. 98

    by Customer

    I thought it burned easily like incense, but it quickly turns off without much smell; Maybe I don’t know how to do it…

  80. 98

    by C***n

    It has already taken a long time to arrive and it is ridiculous… the truth, but hey…

  81. 98

    by E***z

    For the price they have are very good

  82. 98

    by N***h

    Not good.☹

  83. 98

    by J***z

    It smells good I have no idea if it’s 20g but it’s but make good smoke because I want to buy a lot more.

  84. 98

    by J***o

    Very dry

  85. 98

    by N***a


  86. 98

    by Customer

    God willing, be cool

  87. 98

    by F***O

    Thank you, sir.

  88. 98

    by Customer

    To throw away, it smells like fire, fatal. Money in the trash. I do not recommend

  89. 98

    by C***k

    nice stuff

  90. 98

    by R***r

    Thank you

  91. 98

    by Customer

    no me convence

  92. 98

    by Customer

    It smells super good. FAST Shipping

  93. 98

    by 2***r

    No burning is constantly turned off

  94. 98

    by S***s

    Absolutely not original. Just wooden clutter sticks with a foul smell and food coloring.

  95. 98

    by C***x

    The quantity is much less than according to my expectations

  96. 98

    by G***u


  97. 98

    by Customer

    The product arrived fast, but it has no smell and does not look like sandalus. Do not recommend the purchase. I was too sorry. It doesn’t smell at all! Looks like a wood any but sandalwood. Feeling cheated.

  98. 98

    by F***e

    Very small

    No access token

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