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Ritual Candle Lighting Service

Most times people may be embarrassed to light candles at home or at work, so we do all the hard work for you and provide such a service.

This is a very popular service, that a lot of people from around the world purchase. Now while we have a wide variety of candles and supplies, (over 100 types of different candles) we get on average 75-100 orders a day, most times more then 100 orders alone from just this service., we humbly ask you to please be patient with us.

We are working around the clock to provide you with this amazing service. After the service is complete, we won’t ask you to leave a review, as we respect your privacy to the fullest extent, if you want to leave a review, we accept them and appreciate them just the same.

Most often, most cases come about, where customers don’t want to have their names being published, again that is perfectly ok. With that being said, this service is again for someone who doesn’t want to burn the candles, or they don’t have the time or energy to do so, or they just don’t want anyone else to know their business.

Let our in-house Spiritualists be your guide!

  • Simply list your intentions
  • Wishes
  • Persons Full Name (if it’s for another person that you want)
  • Persons DOB (date of birth) read above
  • Photo (may/may not apply)

We need your phone number or email to send updates and any photos of your candles that we are working on for you.

Give us small amount of info and/or any dreams.

Or let us choose a candle to burn on our altar to help bring about your desired outcome.

Please Note —> Any Candle that you choose or ones that we choose for you, (both candle(s) and service must be paid for) before this service can begin.

Before lighting it and praying for you, our talented staff will also bless and prepare your candle(s).

Once lit, you will receive photo(s) of your candle(s).

Please note we cannot guarantee results or outcomes, only you can. Sometimes, results may happen faster and sometimes it will take longer for results to show. Or sometimes, results may not happen as it is not the correct time.

In situations where you paid for a candle(s) and this service, and it was not the right time to do this service (there’s a block coming from the spirits), we will honor the purchase and redo it at no charge.

We will either text you or email you with update of the redo service.

What we mean by honor the purchase., This only applies when we do the service, and your candle(s) won’t light or stay lit.

—>If your candle(s)<— do not light correctly or doesn’t stay on, that is when this applies to you and (we will redo for you free of charge) one time only.

We will inform you of such actions, if while we are lighting your candle(s) and they won’t stay on a second time, you will still get notified of what happened/didn’t happen and we will tell you what is needed to proceed.

On very rare occasions, RARE.. you have a block or negative around you, and you need a cleansing first, please be patient, we don’t/won’t rush the process.

We ask that you get that cleansing first, and then we can proceed., we only want you to succeed.

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Janet Williams

    Received the picture of the lit candle and I have to say that I agree with the candle that was chosen for me and my situation. It is working hard just as I am. Thank you!

  2. 05

    by Charles Carpenter

    I had Spiritualist Tasha select and light a candle for me. I needed to jump start my career right now everything is coming together for me. Tasha never disappoints I would recommend spiritualist Tasha for your spiritual needs. Thanks again Tasha

  3. 05

    by rabindpanda

    I am very pleased with my experience with this guidance you recommend this perfect candle your spiritualists are right on point with intuition

  4. 05

    by Irene Chapman

    Overwhelming sense of peace. Results were positive and in our favor! Feel blessed for the Spritualists guidance! 10 out of 10. Thank you.

  5. 05

    by Nancy Torres

    It worked great ! Received pics within days . The service was awesome. However , I recently order another one a little over a week ago and have yet to receive pics, but I do understand that you all are very busy

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