Steady Work Oil


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Steady Work Oil

Steady Work Oil is a handmade oil crafted with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils to promote prosperity and stability, making it the perfect addition to your spiritual practice.


Steady Work Oil

Steady Work Oil is a handmade oil crafted with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils to promote prosperity and stability, making it the perfect addition to your spiritual practice. It can be used in various ways to help you overcome obstacles and barriers in your career, increase your chances of success, and manifest the career of your dreams.

Introducing Steady Work Oil, a powerful spiritual tool designed to help you find and maintain steady employment. This handmade oil is crafted with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils known for their ability to promote prosperity and stability, making it the perfect addition to your spiritual practice.

Steady Work Oil can be used in a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals. It can be anointed on candles or on yourself during meditation or prayer to enhance your focus and attract positive energy. You can also use it to dress petitions, resumes, or job applications, increasing your chances of success.

This oil is specially designed to help you overcome obstacles and barriers that may be preventing you from finding employment or advancing in your career. Whether you’re struggling with a difficult job market or facing personal challenges, Steady Work Oil can help you stay focused and determined to achieve your goals.

Experience the power of Steady Work Oil for yourself and start manifesting the career of your dreams. Use it daily as part of your spiritual practice and let its potent blend of herbs and oils work for you, bringing you stability, prosperity, and success.


Additional information

Number of Pieces

One Unit


Fruit Extract Oil Essential

Model Number

Fragrance Oil

Essential Oil Type

Pure Essential Oil

Brand Name

Spiritual Botanica


Mainland China

Item Type

Essential Oil

Shelf life

3 years


1/2 fl oz



Storage Temperature

Below 30° /room temp


spiritual work, aid in job find.

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50 Reviews For This Product

  1. 50

    by m***r

    Excellent Quality!!

  2. 50

    by U***c

    Very good Steady Work Oil

  3. 50

    by D***n

    Nice product, well packed and quickly arrived. Beautiful aroma. Recommend 👍

  4. 50

    by C***i

    nicely packaged i like the fragrance as well good seller

  5. 50

    by V***n

    Received aromas, smell delicious. Recommend

  6. 50

    by Customer

    The smell is cool, oil did its thing, I didn’t expect to come quickly. But the bottle is small, great for the price tho, but the smell is cool😍😍😍 I Will order again

  7. 50

    by d***r

    Well packed, good smell, I like this oil. They were late in coming but I thought it was worth it. I recommend.

  8. 50

    by J***d

    It arrived early, and it’s great, I loved it, as described.

  9. 50

    by F***s

    Same as the photo, It arrived super fast excellent👌

  10. 50

    by M***s

    Smells Amazing! Works fast

  11. 50

    by A***a

    Product was small. assumed that it would be very big.

  12. 50

    by E***i

    smells good but not too strong

  13. 50

    by A***e

    I swear I am so mad! Our mail carrier missed delivered our product to the wrong dang address and swore up and down that he delivered it correctly. The store even tried to intervein. Well thanks to the store, they reshipped it, and even threw in a gift. Thank you.

  14. 50

    by N***o

    They came well protected. And shipping was faster then expected

  15. 50

    by A***a

    Well packed

  16. 50

    by 빨***송

    Item works pleasantly well. Has good smell.

  17. 50

    by H***a


  18. 50

    by veronicac.

    waiting to use and how good it is

  19. 50

    by J***F

    I asked for 4 and everything is excellent, they arrived well packed, smells good, I highly rate 10/10.

  20. 50

    by Customer

    Product took 16 days😴. The mail person I am upset with. They delivered it to the wrong address, so it sat there in someone else’s box all that time.

  21. 50

    by N***z

    It smells super rich, the thing is that the smell is fine, I can live with it, but for the price they have they are very good, It also arrived very quickly, about 6 days. The oil does its job. This also makes a great gift for someone that is down on their luck finding a job.

  22. 50

    by V***a

    The smell is great, it’s whole, I recommend this oil and the store.

  23. 50

    by c***i

    Very fast delivery, communication very well, the item is like described. All is fine. Thanks to the seller!

  24. 50

    by M***2

    It took about 10 days to arrive, due to lazy mail carriers. Overall I am very pleased with this oil.

  25. 50

    by M***e

    As described. I rubbed the oil on the palm of my hand, and believe it or not, I got a on the spot interview,” I got the Job” I highly recommend this Oil.

  26. 50

    by J***s

    personally, I’m not fond of the smell, but it is very strong in candles. A little goes a long way, definitely

  27. 50

    by G***l

    Arrived in excellent condition and they smells good. The presentation is very good and the packaging of the product is suitable for it to arrive in good condition at its destination. I recommend this product and store.

  28. 50

    by L***o

    Very good product, well packed, very concentrated smell, I love it thank you very satisfied with the purchase.

  29. 50

    by H***a

    Thank you for your great work. The oil is perfect. The order came quickly and was tracked all the time. The smells are pleasant, delicate. I will again order this steady work oil.

  30. 50

    by K***l

    Fast shipping thank you ~

  31. 50

    by Customer

    Oh, good.

  32. 50

    by P***m

    As the reference says, I will buy them again. I asked for two and they arrived quite quickly in Panama.

  33. 50

    by F***r

    My oil arrived well packed… Thank you to the seller I recommend!!

  34. 50

    by V***n

    The delivery took 2 weeks, which was fine. Wasn’t the stores’ fault. At the end of the day, the oil did its purpose! It was Packed perfectly. I am extremely happy with my order.

  35. 50

    by 1***r

    Everything is super! Each packed in individual container, lovely smell! Only the delivery a bit long, it took 9 days, but it is compensated for all the other advantages of the product. Thank you so much🙏💕To the seller!

  36. 50

    by M***s

    The universe is telling me no, and that you need to have a bigger size 😃😃😃 🙂

  37. 50

    by Customer

    I haven’t tried them yet, but they carried super fast and super well with their packaging

  38. 50

    by Customer

    Very pleasant the essence. Excellent packaging. Oil is my favorite

  39. 50

    by Y***k

    Nice aroma, my husband didnt believe anything at first, but now is a firm believer in this oil. Many thanks

  40. 50

    by Customer

    Good quality

  41. 50

    by a***r

    The aroma is intense but it comes little I hope that with few drops the oil does its job. Without a doubt I buy it again

  42. 50

    by E***s

    Really happy with the package. Its small and is convenient to use the oil otherwise it is put everywhere. But it’s not really about oil. It goes fast but it smells very good

  43. 50

    by מ***ק

    👍😊💙🙏 Oil is FANTASTIC! Its hard to find good oil such as this. I recommend this oil 10000x

  44. 50

    by Customer

    The aroma is super, everything is very well packed, the bottles are whole. I ordered two bottles, one for both of my lazy brothers

  45. 50

    by n***z

    They are very expensive for size but it smells good

  46. 50

    by J***o

    Officially packed well and has a great smell!

  47. 50

    by Customer

    Came in on August 28 Thank you to the Seller. I have received a job offer same day I received oil.

  48. 50

    by Customer

    In my opinion, it was smaller than expected, but for the price it was good

  49. 50

    by m***m

    I guess I don’t really like the smell

  50. 50

    by D***L

    Many thanks to the seller for the speed of delivery of the items quickly! I rewarded with 5 stars, and will for sure be a returning loyal customer.

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