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Anti Snoring Device 

  • Smart Anti Snoring Device EMS Pulse Stop Snore Portable Comfortable Sleep Well Stop Snore Health Care Sleep Apnea Aid USB

Color: Black
Material: ABS+PC

How the product works:
Wear the product during rest, the product will automatically and accurately detect snoring through high-precision sensors, massage the hypoglossal nerve and mandibular muscles through vibration pulses of different frequencies, promote muscle tightening, adjust breathing rhythm, and make breathing easier.

Significant anti-snoring effect
1. Wear it for 2-3 weeks, the breathing will be smooth when sleeping, and the frequency of snoring will be reduced a lot
2. Continue to wear it for about 30 days, the breathing gradually becomes stable, and the family can sleep at ease
3. Wear it for about 2 months, you can leave without relying on the product

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Package Included:
1*Intelligent snoring device
1 *USB data cable
2 * Ear Strap
1 *Description



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One Unit

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PSS6506 Smart Anti Snoring Device



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Anti Snore Chin Strap

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Mainland China

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Sleep & Snoring

Apnea Guard Night Device

anti snoring

Anti Snore Stoper

snoring stoper

sleep aid

Sleeping Aid

anti snoring device

snore device,anti ronco

Nose Clip

Magnetic Anti Snoring Device

Snoring prevention


snoring stopper

anti snoring


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effective anti snoring

Snoring prevention

snoring anti snoring solution

snoring apnea

stop snoring

anti snoring appliance

Anti snoring man

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against snoring

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93 Reviews For This Product

  1. 93

    by R***v

    Very good,excellent

  2. 93

    by A***h

    Very well. Super fast shipping, store recommended. Thank you so much.

  3. 93

    by H***d

    This store is guaranteed purchase..and they treat the customer with respect

  4. 93

    by T***M

    Transaction Idéale

  5. 93

    by F***r

    Très bien

  6. 93

    by I***i

    I only tried it one day and I can’t judge it now.

  7. 93

    by G***S

    Excellent many thanks.

  8. 93

    by M***a

    Works very well

  9. 93

    by M***G

    Using it since 2 weeks. So far so good. Unfortunately the light does not go off at night and it is a bit bright.

  10. 93

    by O***r


  11. 93

    by M***m

    Apparently it works…! To see in the long run

  12. 93

    by N***n

    Some kind of complete Hoen. The ropes are uncomfortable. Do not recommend

  13. 93

    by P***r

    Works well but no result yet is too early

  14. 93

    by T***r

    It is working, the effect is very good, But it’s a cheap and simple device, interesting to test and try to get some results from it.

  15. 93

    by K***r

    It’s light enough that you won’t feel burdened when wearing it.When I put it on for the first time, I hardly felt any discomfort at all.No problem with deep sleepers,My wife does not hear snoring, she sleeps very well

  16. 93

    by A***r

    Quality, design, and delivery are all satisfied

  17. 93

    by I***v

    I got it, it’s all right. The quality is satisfied. Tried once, they say that there were no sounds from my side. But, I do not think that it is worth drawing unambiguous conclusions on the single use of the device. I continue to test.

  18. 93

    by G***t

    Have not tried yet will keep in touch

  19. 93

    by Customer

    Product excellent working good I recommend

  20. 93

    by J***z

    I don’t know yet if it works.

  21. 93

    by C***r

    I have not used it so far. I plug it in to charge. says two hours at a time. lights flash. and will not turn steady to no it is fully charged. how long does it take to charge? is it defective?

  22. 93

    by A***n

    I don’t know if it works, no manual, no instructions

  23. 93

    by E***l

    4 stars for the fact that the store said that he will come to Latvia in a week, and it came more than a month, the quality is beautiful, I will put it on myself and write

  24. 93

    by D***r

    item looks good and well packaged. will be curious to see if this item actually works.

  25. 93

    by Y***v

    Arrived quickly, well packed. Small and beautiful. As for work, time will tell.

  26. 93

    by T***i

    I am quite satisfied with the anti-snoring effect. My husband’s snoring sound was much smaller last night.

  27. 93

    by A***r

    I can feel its effect when I use it, I will continue to use and test it

  28. 93

    by B***5

    The goods arrived very quickly, I have not checked in the case yet.

  29. 93

    by E***t

    Arrived in Penza in a little more than a month. Not fast. On the box 2 electrode. When issuing snoring or something (Reacts to sound and possibly vibration) and I feel a slight tingling of the current. 6 levels of “punishment”. The device works technically. Whether it will be effective in practice-we’ll see. I assume that it can be effective in some cases, purely individually.

  30. 93

    by P***v

    Arrived in 24 days everything in the work has not yet been checked, we will check and add

  31. 93

    by S***p

    Look good for now, we will check the review in a month

  32. 93

    by V***k

    16 days before the CBR, I don’t know the action yet, if there is no sense at all, I will add the review

  33. 93

    by O***n

    portable and sleek just received it,. haven’t used it yet.

  34. 93

    by J***a

    Good product arrived very fast to Colombia well packed store recommended

  35. 93

    by S***g

    product looks promising, it takes 14 days from China to Thailand, Thanks for nice service

  36. 93

    by S***r

    It has improved a lot, and the snoring noise has been reduced a lot

  37. 93

    by G***r

    It seems to be working, because I slept better Only that in Elations snore wakes me up and I do not feel that it vibrate or does its function‍♂️ Will it be only when I snore louder? The main flaw I found is that the rope to hold it by the ears if it hurts the ears a lot, it even caused light cutting, I had to start wearing Band-Aids

  38. 93

    by P***c

    very accurate product, as described

  39. 93

    by J***j

    If it works, it wakes you up with electricity

  40. 93

    by N***r

    it’s good

  41. 93

    by D***O

    Great product! Arrived right.

  42. 93

    by P***z

    Without trying yet

  43. 93

    by C***g

    Well packed

  44. 93

    by G***허

    I’ll use it well.

  45. 93

    by L***o

    Excellent device works great Helps with your sleep Will help you heal

  46. 93

    by F***f

    Haven’t tried yet, I will write later. thanks to the store for the fast delivery

  47. 93

    by В***в

    Delivered much ahead of schedule (15 days). Packed well. I have not checked in work, I will add feedback later. I recommend the store

  48. 93

    by E***v

    Delivery in a month. Came the whole. I haven’t tried it at work yet, I put it on charge. I will add the results.

  49. 93

    by M***n

    Item received. Tried to simulate snoring. Small discharge goes During imitation. The discharge force can be adjusted.

  50. 93

    by I***v

    I haven’t tested it yet, but the packaging and the device itself looks good!

  51. 93

    by M***c

    Ok but this is electro shocker why some want to be taze in sleep.

  52. 93

    by K***v

    The device works, but only used it 2 times). Somehow it’s not very pleasant when you are electrocised). It is clear if you seriously do snoring, then perhaps it will help.

  53. 93

    by A***a

    Everything came quickly, packed well. On functionality-controversial. The device reacts to vibration and conducts impulses through two contacts, roughly speaking a little skirt with electric current. Feels like tingling or burning. But in a dream you just take it off unconsciously, so as not to interfere with sleep and that’s it))) another minus-for those who have a beard or want a week’s bristles-it will not work, current just does not break through the hair)))

  54. 93

    by V***n

    Shocks… In fact, this is the principle of work. 6 Power shock options. Tried so far only at the second level. Were a wristwatch with the same principle of action. Kind of snore less. As an option I will test further. May be the level of snoring will be related to the level of electric shock.

  55. 93

    by V***v

    My wife said to work, I stopped snoring, but I have to get used to the device, at first it is not comfortable to sleep. I recommend it.

  56. 93

    by Т***а

    I came very quickly. well packed. Hope will effect

  57. 93

    by D***t

    less of a “massage” more of a small shock but wife is happy and doesn’t wake me up when it goes off.

  58. 93

    by H***e

    Works at my man unfortunately not at all. But the item is high quality and quickly in the delivery.

  59. 93

    by A***E

    It seems like everything works… Snoring has become less and quieter …. my wife is happy!!!

  60. 93

    by A***i

    Through the bears, it rains on snoring, but makes my waking up frequent.

  61. 93

    by G***s

    I sleep better. I think it’s working. Will have to wait and see if this works after 1 to 2 months

  62. 93

    by L***A

    Fast shipping, good The product is intact. This night I hope to sleep without snoring, thank you.

  63. 93

    by A***v

    You start snoring and the right contact begins to pinch the skin quite sensitively at the place of contact. The sensitivity of the device is regulated by six degrees. On the most sensitive setting, it is enough to snort loudly twice and the device will already make it clear to you that you need to roll over to another position.

  64. 93

    by R***l

    The product arrived in good condition and quickly! Looks good quality. I will inform you about the operation of the device later. I recommend the store.

  65. 93

    by F***o

    I hope it works. It remains to be proven, I will put comment as soon as I try it.

  66. 93

    by A***z

    Arrived before the stipulated time and in good condition.

  67. 93

    by 5***r

    The worker anti-snoring his wife so as not to torture bought. Thank you all well.

  68. 93

    by K***o

    I bought it for my mom and we’ll gonna use it and see if there’s any effect, arrived before deadline

  69. 93

    by V***w

    Received anti-snoring device. beautiful, stylish box. all included, no damage. thanks for the timely, fast delivery. I haven’t used the machine yet, but I have already tried it on, I hope for the effect of the application.

  70. 93

    by B***r

    Do not wear it if you are sick. It activates the waves sometimes even by coughing. It is comfortable enough to sleep with it but I don’t recommend this if you are a light sleeper. It could wake you up in the middle of the night.

  71. 93

    by M***o

    Uncomfortable I can’t sleep with that on

  72. 93

    by L***e

    Well received will try this night

  73. 93

    by T***n

    Good product, a noisy but good

  74. 93

    by D***v

    Haven’t tried it yet. I’ll try to unsubscribe.

  75. 93

    by Z***r

    Good looks! Must have in practice prove

  76. 93

    by F***a

    I haven’t tried yet, we’ll see

  77. 93

    by N***z

    Today we will test it, let it load

  78. 93

    by W***u

    Arrived fast and all right thanks

  79. 93

    by V***s

    Very useful artifact.

  80. 93

    by J***r

    It looks good material, to try it.

  81. 93

    by M***r

    The product arrived within a reasonable time but it does not work

  82. 93

    by L***t

    The battery fails after a week. This Smart Anti Snoring Device doesn’t work and is just another disappointment for me.

  83. 93

    by K***s

    good. good

  84. 93

    by M***k


  85. 93

    by Customer

    Tnx for gift

  86. 93

    by V***i

    The machine is great, everything works, hope it helps! Let’s try!

  87. 93

    by Customer

    Arrived ahead of schedule

  88. 93

    by F***e

    fake product

  89. 93

    by A***r

    There is no discomfort when wearing it

  90. 93

    by T***k

    Unfortunately, in my case it does not work-so far with electricity, but after many days it is still unchanged

  91. 93

    by T***i

    1st Day Well and 2nd day stings at night and remove, morning round burn and the probe damaged flat too Black

  92. 93

    by M***a

    I don’t snore. Wife confirmed. Who is electrocted-it says use lotion. 1 force was enough for me. The skin is normal, “no lubricant needed”

  93. 93

    by R***n

    Item turns on but does not work

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