Changeable Color Lip Gloss


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Aloe Vera Warm-sensing Lipstick Moisturizing Lip Dye

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Changeable Color Lip Gloss

Aloe Vera Warm-sensing Lipstick Moisturizing Moisturizing Lip Dye
Product name: aloe vera color-changing lip stain
Brand: Pei Nifen
Color: temperature change
Net content: 3.5g
Size: about 1.5*5.1cm
Shelf life: 3 years
Production date: latest
Ingredients: natural aloe vera, vitamin E, avocado tree extract, etc.
Efficacy: Lighten lip wrinkles, gently moisturize lips, rich in aloe essence, nourish and moisturize, automatically change color with human body temperature and lip pH
quantity: 1

The package includes:
1*lip stain


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One Unit

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natural aloe vera, vitamin E, avocado tree extract, natural,



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lip stain






Mainland China


Lip Gloss

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100 Reviews For This Product

  1. 100

    by M***a

    I have been using it for a long time but the effect is not yet given but that if one day the normal shipment

  2. 100

    by a***r

    I didn’t notice how small it was going to be but it’s not that bad

  3. 100

    by c***s

    So tiny, color is horrible and cheap

  4. 100

    by b***r


  5. 100

    by G***y

    Smells nice,its very little and cute and doesn’t make ur lips too pink

  6. 100

    by Z***n

    The order arrived, everything is as advertised, very satisfied with the product. Recommendation for the seller….

  7. 100

    by a***f

    it came in good shape . glad i bought more than one cause these are small small. it is 2 inches(5cm) by a half inch(1cm)

  8. 100

    by T***l

    The lip gloss is good but the bottle is very small I compared it too a small batterie

  9. 100

    by J***o

    I like it very much… it gives colors to the lips and moisturize a lot.

  10. 100

    by V***v

    Good thing. Lips become pink

  11. 100

    by a***r


  12. 100

    by D***a

    Slow to arrive due to delays at the local shipping company. They don’t last long on the lips. Buy 4 and all 4 arrived with the broken faulty lid.

  13. 100

    by i***l

    this is really cute! it came very early and personally i love it 🥰 the gloss is so cute but its very small. however it can last as long as you dont like just CONSTANTLY keep putting it on your lips. I bought 4 (all of them came), gave one to my mother as a gift she said she loves it! the aloe really helps with repairing the lips very well and it helps bring out the natural tint of the lips. its really helping me with things like getting rid of hyper pigmentation on my lips along with other lip therapy with a scrub I made (if you want it, olive oil, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, some other stuff i forgot 😭), and its beautiful. please try it, definitely worth every cent!

  14. 100

    by D***o

    This product is super good when it touches my lips it turns a light pink color if you add more I noticed that it turns a little bit darker pink so that’s really good and it doesn’t smell too bad it smells okay and it’s super cool but it’s so small like I wish it was a little bit bigger but if you want to bring this to school or put it in your make up bag to travel or something this is the perfect thing and I absolutely love it to be honest because even though it’s small as my pinky it’s not that bad because it’s so cute and small so it doesn’t really matter if it’s that small because this could be for if I’m going to dinner or something but it’s really cute

  15. 100

    by J***r

    It’s good gloss and has a nice pink/red tint, but it is very small

  16. 100

    by K***F

    Great product and I got 2 glosses!!

  17. 100

    by F***d

    The lip gloss is container is very small but the lip gloss makes your lips pump and also make it big as if you got a plastic surgery and it’s also sort of a red color. I really like it but the only thing that bothered me was how small the container was. please like you’re girl need some points.

  18. 100

    by r***r

    super pretty, feels nice, and smells good

  19. 100

    by Customer

    works nicely

  20. 100

    by N***n

    doesn’t enhance your lips and extremely small tube

  21. 100

    by Customer


  22. 100

    by a***r

    really small but its good and the small wand has some pigmentation so it makes your lips pink too

  23. 100

    by a***v

    i love everything ab these but after a while of using then then turn brown or that might just be my lipliner

  24. 100

    by h***r


  25. 100

    by D***h

    Product is nice. Took a while to arrive but I’m definitely pleased with it overall.

  26. 100

    by Customer

    It’s too little

  27. 100

    by p***r

    nice and cute

  28. 100

    by M***s

    It is small but idrata a lot of wine soon thanks to the seller

  29. 100

    by r***7

    It’s really good and smells pretty nice too. though the thing to apply the gloss is a bit harsh, it’s not really soft. but over all- it’s small but cheap so it’s worth it.

  30. 100

    by U***i

    I like it! Feels very good on my lips and makes them look good!

  31. 100

    by S***n

    Started using it waiting for results small glad I bought 2

  32. 100

    by Customer

    This פיצי but yes leaves color

  33. 100

    by D***n

    Nice lip gloss. Not sticky.

  34. 100

    by Customer

    Really pigmented will buy again

  35. 100

    by J***a

    It came small but it is very beautiful and good for your handbag … I love it

  36. 100

    by P***j

    Da SA is a good AJ inak.Zbytocne sapatia Velke poplatky

  37. 100

    by Customer

    It’s great, it brings out the natural color of my lips. A pity that there are no bigger bottle because I’m afraid it won’t last very long but I have nothing to complain about.

  38. 100

    by a***r

    Delivery was long, but otherwise it is all good, as it is described.

  39. 100

    by G***s

    It’s very cute fast wine but it’s very small xd

  40. 100

    by M***h

    Very pigmented and vibrant it’s kinda like a lip tint

  41. 100

    by a***r

    It really is color changing

  42. 100

    by Е***ч

    Leaves a nice pink shade on the lips for a long time

  43. 100

    by Customer

    Good product, bad it is very small, it comes as the size of a little finger, otherwise it is good, recommended

  44. 100

    by W***e

    Great like always!

  45. 100

    by G***n

    I was expecting it to be a bit bigger and when I opened it, it was broken I’m kind of disappointed with my purchase.

  46. 100

    by M***u

    it’s small but it still did the work it was supposed to do

  47. 100

    by I***e

    Trying it out rn and my lips look more red

  48. 100

    by Customer

    I’ve ordered item so many times never disappoints

  49. 100

    by E***e

    Small but ok

  50. 100

    by Customer

    It’s ok ok don’t last long have to keep putting it on though out the day

  51. 100

    by J***n

    Very small

  52. 100

    by m***e

    Much smaller than expected

  53. 100

    by A***a

    It’s super small but very good😊

  54. 100

    by r***n

    it was smaller then I thought it would be, but very cute it turns pink when put on the lips very Moisturizing

  55. 100

    by z***r

    Tiny but work as described. I like how it moisturizes and tints the lips.

  56. 100

    by j***j

    Very nice, tiny and gives a nice pink look to your lips except the taste is like the actual aloe vera gel which doesn’t taste very well.

  57. 100

    by k***l

    didn’t expect for it to change the color of my lips but it does moisturize it

  58. 100

    by c***r

    i mean it works..

  59. 100

    by l***r

    Small But Love It

  60. 100

    by p***y

    its okay for the price and work greatly, thanks to seller

  61. 100

    by i***a

    Very small fanfuric, the floor with the fingers of the little finger, like from children’s cosmetics, and also color in a cheap pink color, I do not recommend

  62. 100

    by U***r

    so cute and small and it looks vv pretty on me

  63. 100

    by Customer


  64. 100

    by Customer

    Smaller then expected and it does color the lips

  65. 100

    by M***h

    Like it, but very small

  66. 100

    by Customer

  67. 100

    by B***a

    So good. Very good smell and nice color. Tiny but worth it. Thank you!

  68. 100

    by Customer

    Arrived very fast. It was well packaged. Exactly as ordered and very happy with the order.

  69. 100

    by a***r

    I love this item I bought 2 of them so I can have one in the car too

  70. 100

    by M***o

    soo nice and hydrating its like vaseline but better omgg

  71. 100

    by J***a


  72. 100

    by U***l

    Love it!! Gives a nice pink shade and hydrates the lips

  73. 100

    by D***Z

    very small but nice color

  74. 100

    by E***s


  75. 100

    by Customer


  76. 100

    by D***s

    it’s very cute, works well

  77. 100

    by w***n

    Love it

  78. 100

    by C***d

    Oh, good.

  79. 100

    by r***r

    Very small.

  80. 100

    by j***r

    I like

  81. 100

    by B***a

    Very cute, it’s a little tiny but it’s not sticky like the others♡9/10

  82. 100

    by A***a

    I love it it’s small and nice for travel and smells amazing I love it so much

  83. 100

    by U***g

    It really works your lips will definitely look pinkish and natural

  84. 100

    by S***n

    Amazing I love it it come pretty wick a little small but still really good

  85. 100

    by G***s

    Makes your lips look soft and gentle, the bottle is small but it lasts!:) I enjoyed this product however you do have to keep reapplying because it’s more of a lip gloss instead of like a chapstick that moisturizes.

  86. 100

    by Customer

    It’s nice the first few times, definitely leaves a pink tint👍, the top part broke but it’s easy to put back on, doesn’t last very long

  87. 100

    by N***a

    Smaller than expected but I still really like it and it is small enough to fit in any bag with no problem

  88. 100

    by M***e

    amazing product, shipping was not great but it’s decent for the price I recommend it.

  89. 100

    by v***z

    I got the item today thanks it was very fast ❤️❤️❤️

  90. 100

    by G***i

    Amazing, every one in the house loves one, so tiny though.

  91. 100

    by Customer

    Very well pleasant smell. Thanks to the seller

  92. 100

    by U***l

    Thought it would be bigger but good for the price I’m glad I brought two. I tried it out goes on smooth like oil not sticky but still give your lips a shine which I love. It did change to like a tinted clear pink on my lips .

  93. 100

    by Customer

    The product is really good and the shipping was super fast, it will turn your lips pink which i did not expect at all and yes the lipgloss is super small but it’s actually good for the price i can’t complain. 💯 recommended and please like if this was helpful 😍

  94. 100

    by c***a

    It is small but if when applying to the lips it changes the color and leaves the lips very beautiful👄🙈

  95. 100

    by d***r

    verry smal container but worth to just try it out

  96. 100

    by j***r

    Great seller, great product. I’m currently ordering like 20 of these to give to my family and friends because everyone keeps asking what I’m wearing on my lips lol. I got my mom hooked too. It’s so moisturizing and shiny, without being sticky. It also gives such a gorgeous pink tint to your natural lip color. Ignore my red eyes lol allergies 🫣

  97. 100

    by z***r

    I ordered 55 of these because they’re small, they each last around 3 weeks. But they make my lips so pink and I love them SO much. I fs recommend 🙂

  98. 100

    by C***s

    I really liked the only thing is that it is super small😃

  99. 100

    by a***r

    It made my lips plump

  100. 100

    by Customer


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