Kolinsky Wood Handle Acrylic Nail Brush


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Can be used for natural nails, fake nails and acrylic nails.
Specially designed for the most delicate detail work, such as painting, painting.

Round Head-N10Round Head-N12Round Head-N14Round Head-N16
  • Round Head-N10
  • Round Head-N12
  • Round Head-N14
  • Round Head-N16
Round Head-N10
Round Head-N10
Round Head-N12
Round Head-N12
Round Head-N14
Round Head-N14
Round Head-N16
Round Head-N16

Kolinsky Wood Handle Acrylic Nail Brush

Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Art Brush Wood Handle Gel Builder Nail Tools


Can be used for natural nails, fake nails and acrylic nails.
Specially designed for the most delicate detail work, such as painting, painting.
Easy to operate and handle, create beautiful nails and create long-lasting shiny nail tips!
Please wash carefully after use, keep clean and safe, so that you can use it again!
Suitable for professional use or household use.

Package Included:
1 Pack Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Art Brush



Additional information

Number of Pieces

One Unit


5% acrylic


Mainland China

Item Type

Nail Brush

Suitable for skin

Any skin type

Classification of nail products

A manicure tool


Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush


Nail Art Mink Brush


Wood Handle Gel Builder Manicure Brush


Manicure Brush Drawing Tools

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87 Reviews For This Product

  1. 87

    by L***o

    Excellent brushes,

  2. 87

    by E***o

    Very good product but it takes time to arrive

  3. 87

    by A***o

    Looks good I don't use it yet

  4. 87

    by R***h

    I am happy. Has arrived before the scheduled date. Comes with protective tube.

  5. 87

    by M***a

    Arrived Mt quickly .. I'm gonna test

  6. 87

    by Customer

    Too small can’t use for acrylic

  7. 87

    by Customer

    Don’t buy it

  8. 87

    by L***z

    Comes very well the product is what I expected Thanks!

  9. 87

    by D***s

    Superb quality

  10. 87

    by Customer


  11. 87

    by M***d

    They are excellent I loved

  12. 87

    by M***z

    It seems good now it is necessary to prove it

  13. 87

    by G***o

    It is very nice and looks good quality I still don't use it but it looks good

  14. 87

    by M***o

    Everything well seems good quality

  15. 87

    by G***a

    Arrived early but the brush is smaller than the descriptions I asked for Number 10 and it looks like 7

  16. 87

    by Customer

    Asimple vista looks good quality

  17. 87

    by L***z

    Arrived early

  18. 87

    by A***l

    Excellent quality

  19. 87

    by M***r

    Eh asked for a brush No 10 but it really looks like 6.

  20. 87

    by Customer

    Very small but fine

  21. 87

    by R***i

    They are beautiful and they look good quality tomorrow I will try them and tell them.

  22. 87

    by D***i

    Yeff Rf to use it though

  23. 87

    by L***y

    Brush is very thick but works Super

  24. 87

    by A***c

    For the price the quality is excellent

  25. 87

    by N***a

    It seems good and the time will come to try it I thought they would be the sows bigger than the #8 but I'm going to try it

  26. 87

    by A***a

    I thought they were different, but it's okay

  27. 87

    by O***n

    Very good quality and price. Quick receipt, before the estimated date.

  28. 87

    by M***l

    I never received any products from you guys

  29. 87

    by M***l

    I never received any products till today

  30. 87

    by S***a

    Perfect as always

  31. 87

    by K***r

    Fast delivery and very good quality

  32. 87

    by M***z

    BeautifulNeed to prove

  33. 87

    by D***z

    They are not of very good quality are damaged to the first application

  34. 87

    by I***r

    Great product and fast delivery, the provider is to recommend!!

  35. 87

    by I***i

    It took me a while to arrive, he arrived in great condition

  36. 87

    by C***V

    Too big, but good is okay

  37. 87

    by V***.


  38. 87

    by M***a

    I liked it very much.

  39. 87

    by B***s

    Arrived fast

  40. 87

    by G***S

    Very nice and good quality, arrived before the estimated date

  41. 87

    by M***r

    It's good but I detach myself to the metal part of the wood and in the first use

  42. 87

    by V***z

    M loved what I will ask again is very good as in the photos very good brush

  43. 87

    by Y***o

    I love it. I asked #14 and it's great.

  44. 87

    by A***a

    Good, for the price your paying… the bristles we're a little tangled but I'll cut them with sissors. Also with the monomer it might be okay

  45. 87

    by A***r

    I have not tried them, but they look good, apparently, in the details of the article, mention that they are 5% nylon, 95% mink, let's hope they work. I will return after using them

  46. 87

    by C***a


  47. 87

    by A***z

    I don't use it yet, but it's just like the photo. I hope it is lasting, I will see it

  48. 87

    by Customer

    Very nice the brush, I loved it

  49. 87

    by A***a

    All perfect

  50. 87

    by G***e

    How in the image, looks good material, need to prove it! I would have liked it to be bigger, but for the price it's great!

  51. 87

    by E***o

    Very good charm me

  52. 87

    by M***a

    Hair is not as they say

  53. 87

    by M***a

    Nice brushes! The only thing was that when I took the brush out of the plastic tube it was in, the wooden part came away from the metal brush piece. I glued it back together and it worked great.

  54. 87

    by Customer

    The pipeline is equal to the image, the only problem is that the bristles are synthetic, I asked for a number 22 and it is quite large

  55. 87

    by Z***a

    Your product does not arrive

  56. 87

    by G***r

    The brush bristles are cut

  57. 87

    by W***a

    Thank you so much for these brushes. I cannot wait to use them.

  58. 87

    by Z***a

    Comes as if it were size #8

  59. 87

    by E***z

    It has not reached me

  60. 87

    by A***a

    Very nice not yet used but looks good quality

  61. 87

    by Customer

    It was a decent thing. The length is also fine.

  62. 87

    by V***r

    Corresponds to the description

  63. 87

    by Customer

    Bad item can’t use for acrylic

  64. 87

    by R***r

    Super fast thank you

  65. 87

    by R***z

    I don't test them yet but they look good quality. The problem is that they are smaller than the number they dial. The #8 bristles were badly cut.

  66. 87

    by A***l

    Super great brushes

  67. 87

    by Customer

    The brush as such is not bad, but it has come off my handle

  68. 87

    by C***s

    I thought it was better quality.

  69. 87

    by M***s

    I asked for a number #10 but it's like a #6

  70. 87

    by Customer

    In my opinion, the tip of the brush has no shape, but you have to fit it, but for its price it is very good

  71. 87

    by Customer

    For practices is good

  72. 87

    by P***a

    a llego roto

  73. 87

    by L***u


  74. 87

    by D***r

    Very good quality, arrived fast, recommend this store

  75. 87

    by Customer

    According to order

  76. 87

    by Customer

    I arrived super fast and as shown in the picture

  77. 87

    by M***o

    They are not so synthetic

  78. 87

    by J***s

    Is beautiful

  79. 87

    by K***o

    Choose the size well this super good for the price but it is not kolinski as the bristles are very cyntical

  80. 87

    by J***l

    The metal part arrived oxidized

  81. 87

    by N***a

    I love this brush!

  82. 87

    by R***r

    Lovely and soft

  83. 87

    by M***a

    I still don't use it. I hope it's good

  84. 87

    by D***a

    I love it, now it's only time to use it to see how it is ..

  85. 87

    by K***g

    He arrived well, but in the photo he looks younger than in real life I asked for a 24 thinking he was smallBut he was fat, apparently the measurements correspond if they ask for size 6 it will be as is.

  86. 87

    by M***z

    Enchanted with the brushes, I arrived just in the expected time, two or three weeks in mexico yucatan. I asked #18 and 24 and if they look like that number the unused 18 looks like a twelve but I will try them. Customs do not charge pass them. I will reorder if I like it in the application

  87. 87

    by G***a


    No access token

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